TEDXPurdueU presents Terrarium

TEDXPurdueU presents Terrarium

TEDxPurdueU provides a platform for dozens of speakers to share their knowledge, insight, and creative ideas. From entrepreneurs, CEO’s, professors, artists, musicians, social activists, and innovators, TEDxPurdueU aims to inspire the Purdue community and beyond, one TED Talk at a time. 

Founded in 1984, TED (Technology, Entertainment, & Design) is a vast network full of “ideas worth spreading.” The TED global community formed TEDx, which is a platform that spreads the mission of TED and allows people to gather and connect through events that highlight a network of important resources and thinkers.  

TEDxPurdueU was founded in 2011 and has since expanded from a small group of 5 to over 50 individuals and 10 student leaders. They host main events as well as a few salon events each year, all aimed at bringing together the minds of our community.

Each year, the group decides on an annual theme that speakers must develop their talks around. This year, the group chose Terrarium. Terrariums are defined as “a vivarium for smaller land animals, especially reptiles, amphibians, or terrestrial invertebrates, typically in the form of a glass-fronted case.” They are made up of air, water, earth, and biomass working in tandem to create a larger whole: a perfectly balanced ecosystem. TEDxPurdueU: Terrarium is an event that pushes the boundaries of this definition and explores the variety of ways that technology, entertainment, design, culture, sustainability, and environmentalism interact with one another.  

The event itself hosts 5-10 speakers that have a wide range of knowledge and ideas. Each speaker has up to 18 minutes to share their ideas in the form of a “talk.” The event also includes networking breaks, audience engagement activities, musical attendees, and swag bags! It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with others and explore new ideas.  

TEDxPurdueU: Terrarium is an exciting and informative event that brings together educated professionals and teaches the audience how to make a positive impact on their environment and their own well-being.  

Join us as we discuss these topics and explore the world of terrariums in a way never seen before.  

Saturday, February 18
Loeb Playhouse