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What is StairWELL?

Days filled with deadlines and challenging goals are the new normal–or perhaps the pressure just feels more intense now. In a groundbreaking new project, a talented collection of Purdue experts have banded together to design a relief valve.

Using a novel combination of art, technology, and clinical psychology, the StairWELL project will produce an interactive sculptural installation to create a sense of beauty, respite, and play via an inventive user interface. Viewers become participants in an expressive journey that creates community while also delivering powerful supportive connections where they may be needed.

In short, StairWELL builds wellness through interactive art and technology.

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Third Street Chill Zone (KRCH) / October 16-30


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Chromic Duo blends classical music, toy piano, and electronics into genre-fluid performances and installations. Musicians Lucy Yao and Dorothy Chan, inspired by the small wonders of the everyday, compose soundworlds inspired by the multitudes as Third-Culture-Kids discovering their voice within the vast Asian American diaspora. Their output is hybrid and tech-driven, blending visuals, film, virtual reality, and augmented reality, but the heart of their work remains rooted in human connection.

Driven by a sense of wonder, Chromic Duo connects the dots between belonging and displacement to create powerful shared experiences. These grand prize-winners from the Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT) and Concert Artists Guild (CAG) Competition will spend the coming year as Innovators-In-Residence, collaborating with the Purdue team to develop the StairWELL project.