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Due to COVID-19 related complications, the U.S. tour has been cancelled.


UPDATE: October 26, 2021

Dökk, by the Milan, Italy-based company, fuse*, was scheduled to perform in Loeb Playhouse on February 3, 2022. Due to COVID-19 related complications, the U.S. tour has been cancelled.  While the Convocations team is currently working to reschedule the performance for a future date, all tickets purchased for the performance will be refunded automatically.

If you purchased with a credit card, the credit should appear on your billing statement within the next 7-10 business days. Any payments made by cash or check will be refunded via university check and mailed to the current address on file within the next 30 days.  Call (765) 494-3933 for more information.

What if data were a dance partner? Dökk is a daring, dynamic journey into the subconscious, the latest expression of artistry through emerging digital technology from Italy’s fuse*. Named after the Icelandic word for “darkness,” Dökk uses software to synthesize real-time data from four simultaneous sources: Dökk’s musical score; the movement of performer / choreographer Elena Annovi; her heartbeat; and emotional analysis of social media trends at that very moment. This data mashup is vividly visualized through a stunning 3D projection environment. As these data sources shift and change, each performance of Dökk becomes one-of-a-kind—evoking life’s own random, unforeseeable whims. Both experimental and empirical, Dökk illuminates the invisible connections among us all in an intimate, immersive fusion of light, sound, space and movement.

An unexpected synesthesia of pure cognitive escape.

This engagement with fuse* is a continuation of Purdue Convocations’ Innovator-In-Residence platform—a forum for the investigation of new works that examine, question and propose ideas in the fluid nexus where humanity and technology intersect. This production further extends the discussion of real-time interactivity from our previous engagement in this series, the AI-driven musical improvisation of Shimon Robot and Friends—which Convocations presented in February of 2017.