7 Reasons Why Dank and Lee are Incredibly Impressive

By Kristen Day – Marketing Intern

Ran Dank and Soyeon Kate Lee are two virtuosic pianists who’ve made their mark on the classical piano scene. Whether it’s the challenges of marriage, parenthood, or mastering a new concerto, the duo exhibits a rich and rare musicality. Until they visit Purdue on April 2nd, learn 7 reasons why Dank and Lee are incredibly impressive musicians:

  1. Not only are they married, but they perform a style of performance called four hands, one piano. That means they play together and must constantly try not to step on each other’s toes, figuratively of course. Watch them perform Stravinsky’s beautifully chaotic piece, Rite of Spring.
  2. Performances by Ran Dank and Soyeon Kate Lee have attracted lots of attention. They’ve been praised by The Washington Post and New York Times among others.
  3. The duo has garnered major accomplishments as soloists too. In 2004, Lee emerged by winning the Concert Artist Guild International Competition, and Dank has performed in festivals and venues ranging from Sydney, to Jerusalem and Kansas City.
  4. Lee is an eager environmentalist. In a 2008 performance at Carnegie Hall, she wore a dress made entirely out of used grape juice pouches.
  5. Ran Dank has been widely recognized for his work, including the performance of “The People United Will Never Be Defeated!” at the University of Chicago which was selected as a top-ten performance of 2017 by the Chicago Classical Review.
  6. The two also share an entrepreneurial flare! In NYC, they host an evening titled, Music by the Glass where they perform and host young professionals from around the city.
  7. Their performance at Purdue includes arrangements for four hands by Mendelssohn, Kapustin, and new work by Marc-Andre Hamelin.

Excited to see Dank and Lee perform their four-hands style? They’ll be in Loeb Playhouse at 7:30 PM on Thursday, April 2nd. Grab your tickets today!