What is LIC?

Ever since the Student Concert Committee announced that we were bringing Life in Color to Purdue, campus has been filled with the question of  “What is Life in Color?” Well, today we’d like to answer that:

Formally known as Dayglow, Life In Color is considered to be one of the top electronic festivals to date. While it does not quite match the likes of Sensation White in The Netherlands, or Ultra in Miami, it does come pretty close. This ongoing party first started in 2006 on a Florida University campus. Since then the party has blown up, touring the nation and gaining major recognition in the electronic music scene. The 2013 tour is even breaking into international waters, taking on London, Cancun, and Melbourne.

Not only is Life in Color known for being “The World’s Largest Paint Party”, but it also is known for its unique entertainment value. The typical Life in Color show includes “aerial acts, stilt-walkers, contortion acts, fire shows, and cannons to deliver the famous ‘Paint Blast'”. All of these events are nothing in comparison to the music, which is typically kept a secret until a few days before the show. Fortunately for Purdue students Life in Color was kind enough to announce that our main act would be Krewella, an electronic group from Chicago. Krewella has been tied to many electronic super stars including Skrillex and Benny Benassi. Our opening acts are still unknown, as Life in Color does like to keep some of the show a secret, making it extra unique.

This event is something you don’t want to miss, as the experience will be one of the best music endeavors you will ever have. If this hasn’t been enough to convince you, I’ve attached photos and videos below in hopes that it will convince you to enjoy the insanity that is Life in Color.


** All videos and photographs were taken from lifeincolor.com and are from the 2012 tour, END.