What is Three Stories High Theatre Festival?

Purdue Convocations director Todd Wetzel recently discussed the Three Stories High Theatre Festival with the Purdue Exponent.

Three Stories High Theatre FestivalCan you describe in your own words what this festival is?

Todd Wetzel: This is a deliberate effort to do two things: continue our efforts to bring notable and innovative world-class theatre projects to our community and to also create a special energy in downtown Lafayette. The work of animating our community takes dedicated effort and we want live performance to be part of the solution. Like many of the other good people working on this, we are willing to lay it on the line to make it happen.

How did the three shows get chosen?

TW: First of all, I think each show is terrific–that’s the first goal. But, the magical thing about theatre is that the possibilities of the form are vast. Each show is individually quite powerful and they use different conceptual approaches, including not being designed for presentation in a traditional theatre context. And then, together, these three shows also help us accomplish the goal creating the vibe of a theatre festival downtown.


Three Stories High Theatre Festival CalendarWhy do you think should people come see the shows?

TW: The first point of entry into all of the shows is that they’re fun, full of energy, and, like theatre at its best, it will take you on a journey into new worlds. Come for the adventure! Also, a social scene is created by people, so we’re inviting folks to help create a social dynamism around these shows by coming downtown and hanging out in the many fine establishments there, some of which have special offers for ticket holders!

Do tickets have to be purchased in advance?

TW: Some performances are selling quite well, so advance purchase may be recommended, but we’ll also sell tickets at the door (while they last). To be safe, get tickets in advance: call the Stewart Center Box Office 10AM-6PM at (765)494-3933 or (800) 914-SHOW; or go online: convocations.org/tickets