The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

Prudencia 3

 In storytelling—that most misused of arts—horses absolutely must not go in front of carts.A ballad starts where a ballad starts and this is the start of Prudencia Hart’s.

 The National Theatre of Scotland (NTS) lives in a curious place. They have no physical theatre in their home base of Glasgow. Rather, they make it their business to take their performances to the whole of Scotland, performing in town halls, pubs, and gathering places. But they haven’t stopped at the Scottish border. From Europe to America, Asia to Australia, NTS has been perfecting the art of border crossings with critically acclaimed performances around the globe. In fact, many of you joined us in January 2012 when they invaded Purdue with Long Gone Lonesome. And now with Prudencia, we’ll host them in the intimate confines of Duncan Hall, our own community’s connection to Scottish heritage.

David Greig is one of the leading playwrights of Scotland and beyond. In Prudencia, Greig connects the dots between contemporary themes, Scottish cultural identity, and the grand tradition of writing for the stage by weaving a tale set in the current time but using largely rhymed verse. Using razor-sharp turns, Prudencia is manically funny and soul-searching, often within the same stanza. In Duncan Hall, you’ll delight in an immersive theatrical experience as the rip-roaring action happens all around you.

Recommended for ages 14 and up. Contains moments of mild profanity and adult references deliciously delivered in rhymed verse with a Scottish accent.

Very important note: Due to the nature of the performance, latecomers cannot be seated, so come early and enjoy some Scottish craic—the grand Celtic tradition of good times, good friends, and aye, yes, the fruits of the pub (beginning 30 minutes prior to curtain).

RUNTIME: This performance will last approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes with one intermission.

POST-SHOW Nov. 8th: Following the performance members of the artistic team will discuss the production and the tradition of Scottish Border Ballads / Duncan Hall

Todd Wetzel
Director of Purdue Convocations