The Lomax Project Community Field Recordings

We are pleased to present 8 field recordings we captured from community musicians in the spirit of Alan Lomax, as part of Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project Residency.

Community Field Recordings

This is a song that transports the listener back to a time and place where songs were how stories were told. A song whose mood and words mix together to create a feeling, an image. You can almost hear the creak of the porch swing and smell the wildflowers. Thank you Brittany Haas for the wonderful fiddle! – Fergus Daly and Joe Kollman

Slow Train Home, embodies the spirit of grassroots folk music, conjuring the emotions of longing, both in the leaving and the returning, and a strong “sense of place.” I cannot remember when I and my musical friends more enjoyed a shared musical experience! Kudos to Convos and The Lomax Project for envisioning, creating and trusting in such a fun and engaging share experience.  – Joe Peters

This song was written for my father Mel Pearson who used to get up on a Saturday morning, circle the yard sales…  (he) has since passed, but this is still a favorite among friends and family. – Jeff Pearson

This song describes some themes that were as present back when Alan Lomax was doing his recordings as they are today. – Cody Hall, Traveling Broke and Out of Gas

Lomax traveling all around the world is similar to our sound which blends Carribean influences with Americana and R&B. Thanks to Purdue Convos for having us (to feature) our new tune about going back to the 219. – Mark Cooper, Green Room Rockers

Alan Lomax captured the music of a community in a way that gives insight into the daily life and grind of the people. The reality of many people living in Lafayette/West Lafayette is that they had to leave a place that was comfortable to come for the opportunities that Purdue affords, and that can be met with resistance. It can be hard to set roots down with the knowledge that in a handful of years your life could change again. That was my experience, and our community is lucky to have people from around the globe come here. – Alison Haney

It’s the best of times in this town of mine
True ales of these two cities
A hop and a jump that leap from the pump
So easy going down
this town has got it made
Thanks for all your work on this project – it was a lot of fun. – Richard Fudge

This song was written for Adolph Vandertie, King of The Hobos. The song is featured in the documentary of his life Westbound. Thank you all so much it was a truly remarkable, memorable experience…such an honor and so well captured… Simply wonderful to meet you all, look forward to seeing you down the road. – Adam Mackintosh

Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project – Shenandoah

Thanks again to all of you for being so wonderful to work with! – Jayme Stone

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