Norwegian brass ensemble tenThing to perform March 30

Rewriting centuries’ worth of rules in brass repertoire seems a revolutionary undertaking. But the boundless and boisterous stylistic explorations of tenThing, coupled with impeccable tone, technique, and versatility, have transformed this all-female Norwegian brass ensemble into an international sensation. The ensemble takes its name from its erstwhile leader, Norwegian trumpet virtuoso Tine Thing Helseth (pronounced TEE-na Ting HEL-set), whom the BBC dubbed a “Superstar of Tomorrow.” In forming the ensemble with four friends in 2007, Helseth rounded up six more of the finest brass players in Norway. tenThing has delighted its native audience with an opening number at the 2011 Norwegian Grammy® Awards, enjoyed international festival plays in Germany, China, and Italy, and contributed a enthusiastically acclaimed performance to the BBC Chamber Proms series.

On its endearingly eclectic album 10, tenThing blends original works from Dutch composer Jan Koetsier with transcriptions of traditional works for piano, guitar, and orchestra—the pomp of Georges Bizet, the pluck of Ástor Piazzolla, and the playfulness of Kurt Weill. And yet for all the force tenThing brings to tearing down conventions, this ensemble embraces the unparalleled warmth, tenderness, and playfulness of the classical sound—lithe and nimble, lively and lovely. Through its adventurous adaptability, tenThing illustrates the importance of discovering your voice in whatever instrument may call to you.

Infectious in their enthusiasm and energy, and their intimacy

The Guardian (UK)

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