Purdue Convocations presents its 2019-20 season

Purdue Convocations‘ 2019-20 season will feature more than 30 events, including an array of Broadway musicals, lectures, theatre, music and concerts. In addition to the following performances, Purdue Convocations and the Purdue Student Concert Committee will continue to announce additional performances and concerts throughout the year.

Highlights of the season include Margo Price, Harlem 100, Guangdong Modern Dance Company and DÖKK by fuse*, with Broadway shows including RENT, The Color Purple, Blue Man Group, A Bronx Tale and Waitress.

Throughout the fall of 2019, Purdue University will continue the dynamic celebration of its sesquicentennial. Since 1869, Purdue has made giant leaps in world-renowned research, education and outreach—and shaped the culture and inquiry of our city, state, nation and world! Purdue Convocations became a formative part of our great institution’s history in 1902, so this season marks the 117th year of infusing arts, discourse and curricular engagement into Purdue’s rich traditions.

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life and Purdue Convocations Executive Director, Todd Wetzel noted, “Innovation is a hallmark of Purdue’s DNA, so we actively search the world for groundbreaking expression to activate dialogue in the arts as well. We return with our Innovator-In-Residence platform this season, featuring Dökk, the latest immersive inquiry into the intersection of humans and technology from fuse* studios—and of course, our full season is jam-packed with our exciting Broadway Plus series and an electrifying slate of extraordinary dance, music and theatre!”

In addition to scheduled public performances, thousands of students from preschool through high school also will attend a series of matinees and artist-in-residence activities that will be brought to schools. These events are open to all schools, and a complete list can be found at www.convocations.org/education

Complete ticket pricing information and details on all performances are available at www.convocations.org, in the 2019-20 Convocations brochure, or by calling 765-494-9712. Tickets can also be ordered at the campus box offices, by phone at 765-494-3933, or at www.convocations.org/tickets.

Buying Schedule

June 14-28: Friends of Convocations Pre-Sale
Friends of Convocations are seated before the general public with the Priority Points System. Orders must be received by June 27 for both PICK5 and single tickets. Visit www.convocations.org/donate/ to join or call (765) 494-9712.

July 29: All Tickets on Sale
Non-Friends-of-Convocations can place single-ticket or PICK5 orders beginning July 29 at 10 a.m.

Visit www.convocations.org/tickets/   or call (765) 494-3933 or (800) 914-SHOW

The Purdue Convocations 2019-20 Season Schedule

Margo Price
Sept. 19 | 7:30 PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $24-30
Rising star Margo Price fuses Nashville country, Memphis soul and Texas twang while challenging country conventions through brutally honest, beautifully poetic portraits of everyday life.

24th Annual Global Fest
Sept. 21 | All Day | Northwestern Ave. | Free Admission
The 24th Annual Global Fest features food, dance, crafts and displays from cultures around the world. Enjoy musical performances from Kardemimmit, Frontera Bugalú and The Garifuna Collective.

Cameron Graves
Sept. 26 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $20-26
Hailed by Rolling Stone as “the house pianist for the party at the end of the universe,” Cameron Graves is revitalizing funk, jazz, soul and fusion with kaleidoscopic, kinetic energy.

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
Sept. 29 | 3PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $22-28
Since 1980, the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet has embraced the diverse, adventurous spirit of guitar virtuoso Andreś Segovia and infused new vigor into canonical classics while bridging classical, jazz, rock and pop in contemporary explorations.

Condoleezza Rice
Oct. 9 | Free Admission
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sits down with Purdue President Mitch Daniels as part of the Giant Leaps Series, a year-long lecture series as part of Purdue’s 150th Anniversary.

Oct. 13 | 7PM | Elliott Hall of Music | Tickets: $29-62
The 20th anniversary of this timeless celebration of friendship and creativity reminds us to measure our lives with the only thing that truly matters—love.

The Odyssey
Oct. 15 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $22-28
Across centuries and civilizations, The Odyssey remains a testament to the human spirit, the will to wander and the yearning for home.

Oct. 16-17 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: 22-28
How far are we from Orwell’s dystopian nightmare…or in what ways are we already there?

Camille Thomas, cello & Julien Brochal, piano
Oct. 24 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $15-20
Paris-born Camille Thomas is a rising-star cellist delivering dynamic virtuosity on her 18th-century Gagliano cello, while letting breathe her blend of verve, intimacy, and tenderness on works from Brahms, Beethoven and more.

Harlem 100
Nov. 1 | 8PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $24-30
Harlem 100 presents sounds and ideas from Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, Billie Holiday and more in a modern-day variety-show homage to the Harlem Renaissance.

The Color Purple
Nov. 3 | 7:30PM | Elliott Hall of Music | Tickets: $29-62
Heralded by New York Magazine as, “one of the greatest revivals ever,” 2016 Tony® Award winner The Color Purple stunningly reimagines Alice Walker’s American classic and reinforces the power of perseverance and hope.

One Small Step
Nov. 5, 7-9 | Various Times | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $15-20
This action-packed tale about the “space race” includes dozens of characters—all played by two extraordinary actors from Oxford Playhouse in England. Check your oxygen, adjust your space suit and buckle up for the biggest mission of all time!

Yi-Nuo Wang, piano
Nov. 14 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $15-20
Fresh off her first place finish at the Concert Artists Guild Victor Emaleh Competition, pianist Yi-Nuo Wang makes her Purdue debut.

Nov. 15 | 8PM | Carnahan Hall | Tickets: $20-25 | Limited Club Engagement
Blending electronica beats with traditional instruments and tempos of Afro-Peruvian folk, Novalima conjures the soundtrack to both contemporary midnight mysteries and cultures that have endured for hundreds of years.

Nov. 19-23 | Various Times | Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette | Tickets: $20-25 | Limited Engagement
Nassim is an exhilarating, playful and soulful work about how an open mind for spontaneity and camaraderie keeps us human.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Nov. 24 | 3PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $12-17
Ready to wriggle its way into your heart with a sweet and gentle show featuring a menagerie of 75 lovable puppets!

Jan. 17 | 8PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $24-30
The Artemis sextet gathers their genius for selections spanning Theolonius Monk to the Beatles – presented with passion, power and sensitivity.

Neyla Pekarek
Jan. 23 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $20-25
Cellist/vocalist Neyla Pekarek—formerly of the Grammy®️-nominated indie-folk band the Lumineers – combines Americana, blues, 60s pop and more on her 2019 solo debut Rattlesnake.

Alice in Wonderland
Jan. 26 | 3PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $12-17
This innovative interpretation of the beloved classic remains faithful to Lewis Carroll’s lively humor while springing several surprises of its own. Join Alice at the gateway to imagination.

Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Feb. 8 | 8PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $22-30
Founded in 1992, Guangdong Modern Dance Company explores China’s modern identity, cultural history and social perspectives through contemporary dance.

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure
Feb. 9 | 3PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $12-17

In this immersive production, you’ll jump in and explore unknown depths of the ocean–where prehistoric marine reptiles lived eons ago…and perhaps still exist today!

Akademie für Alte Musik
Feb. 12 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $22-28
Founded in 1982, this Grammy-winning chamber orchestra is bringing the Baroque to life with lesser known works by composers like Vivaldi, Handel, Bach and more.

Blue Man Group
Feb. 20 | 7:30PM | Elliott Hall of Music | Tickets: $29-62
Back at Purdue for the first time since 2013, this Blue Man Group performance is infused with new music, fresh stories, custom-built instruments, sensory-stimulating graphics and unforgettable entertainment.

Feb. 22 | All Day | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $15-25
How do we choose the paths we take in life? Is there a better way? Does a balanced life mean a happy life?Join us for a discussion of Ikigai—a Japanese concept that translates to “a reason for being”—and discover how its principles can shape our lives.

The Brother Brothers – Outreach Artists-In-Residence
Feb. 27-28 | Various Times and Locations | Free Admission
After making their Purdue debut last year opening for I’m With Her, the Brother Brothers are back for more as the Outreach Artists-in-Residence.

Walk On: The Story of Rosa Parks
March 1 | 3PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $12-17
Exciting and inspirational, Walk On: The Story of Rosa Parks shows how individual determination makes a difference in freedom and equality for all.

Third Coast Percussion: Paddle to the Sea
March 6 | 8PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $22-28
Accompanying the Oscar®-nominated film Paddle to the Sea live, Third Coast Percussion interweaves original compositions with water-inspired works to create a piece both spirited and serene.

DÖKK by fuse* – Innovator in Residence
March 26 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $15-20
Dökk use software to synthesize real-time data that is visualized through a 3-D projection environment to create a daring, dynamic journey into the subconscious.

A Bronx Tale
April 1 | 7:30PM | Elliott Hall of Music | Tickets: $29-62
On the streets of the Bronx in the 1960s, a young man finds himself caught between the working-class father he loves and the high-rolling mob boss he’d love to be.

Soyeon Kate Lee & Ran Dank
April 2 | 7:30PM | Loeb Playhouse | Tickets: $15-20
Soyeon Kate Lee and Ran Dank put four hands on one piano for duets The New York Times praised for “a huge, richly varied sound, a lively imagination and a firm sense of style.”

April 23 | 7:30PM | Elliott Hall of Music | Tickets: $29-62
Waitress is the Tony®-nominated musical about Jenna, an expert baker searching for the perfect recipe for happiness.