Purdue Convocations announces national performing arts education research

Convocations leading the way in performing arts research

This is an exciting time of change at Purdue Convocations. We have embarked on an industry leading research agenda focused on understanding the impact the performing arts has on both our young patrons at the K-12 level as well as our collegiate audiences. This season, Convocations will lead a nationwide study involving more than 10,000 children across the country at sixteen presenting organizations. Each participating student will read the book My Father’s Dragon and see a live performance, presented by Enchantment Theatre Company. The study will determine what impact the live performance has on a student’s understanding of the plot, characters, and vocabulary used in the book.

Catalyzing the curriculum, energizing the community, and distinguishing the University through powerful performances, illuminating discourse, and extraordinary learning encounters is the mission of Convocations. We are thrilled to add transformational research to the body of work we offer Purdue and the surrounding community.

Join our efforts to prove that the arts make a difference.

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