“Moving Images” Collection Focuses on Powerful Imagery

Images are powerful. And we see countless images every day. Some are moments in time captured centuries ago—or perhaps just seconds ago. Whether through photos, newsreels, animation, film, TV, paintings, or even selfies, we collect countless images every day in our memories—and on our phones—discriminately and indiscriminately.

But all images are created with the intent to communicate, and each of us views an image with eyes informed by the lives we’ve lived.

MOVING IMAGES is a collection of experiences focused on the complementary power of image-making and image-viewing. With a roving lens pointed at the historical and the contemporary, these incredible artists and creators have created powerful images for us to witness, contemplate, enjoy, and discuss.

scene from The Triplets of Belleville

The Triplets of Belleville

Featuring Le Terrible Orchestre de Belleville with composer Benoît Charest

Sylvain Chomet’s visionary, Oscar-nominated film adventure with live Le Jazz Hot musical accompaniment.

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Ken Burns

Lecture: The American Experience

One of our nation’s greatest documentary filmmakers discusses his works and the American ideal.

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Filmmaker Ken Burns
Safety Last starring Harold Lloyd

Safety Last!

Starring Harold Lloyd with Clark Wilson at the Mighty Wurlitzer

A screening of the iconic 1923 romantic comedy with live theatre organ accompaniment.

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Judgement at Nuremberg

L.A. Theatre Works

A gripping radio-theatre adaption of Abby Mann’s iconic post-WWII film with stars of stage and screen.

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LA Theatre Works' Judgement at Nuremberg
Jenny Scheinman: Kannapolis, a moving portrait

Jenny Scheinman:

Kannapolis, A Moving Portrait

A glowing and tender portrait of 1930s America through historic film and live roots/folk music.

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Power Goes

The Seldoms

Civil rights, LBJ’s Great Society, and social unrest of the ’60s power the visionary and athletic dance of this Chicago-based company.

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The Seldoms, Power Goes
Taj Express

Taj Express

The Bollywood Musical Revue

A large-scale dance, film, and theatre spectacular celebrating India’s glorious Bollywood film tradition.

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