Meet 4 of Cameron Graves’ Musical Influences

By Kristen Day

Cameron Graves is hardly ordinary. You could easily say the same about his music! The “Planetary Prince” finds his roots within a blend of genres, composers, and artists. So if you want to give Graves a closer listen, we think you should meet four of his most poignant musical influences:

  1. In an interview with the radio station, KUCR, in 2017, Cameron says, “…The Book of Urantia is exactly the reason for [the album, Planetary Prince]. All that music and even the song titles are all inspired by the Book of Urantia. [I’m] really just trying to put that book to music.” According to the Urantia Foundation, “The Urantia Book, first published by Urantia Foundation in 1955, presents us with the origin, history, and destiny of humanity.”
  2. In an interview with the Swedish YouTube channel, vrpo Vrije Geluiden extra, in 2018 Cameron notes, “Classical music is my base. I started when I was four years old playing piano. And it was really my father’s influence…he gave me and my brother the discipline and focus of classical music.”
  3. When interviewed by Fusicology in 2016, Graves discussed his relationship with the band Meshuggah, “They’re probably one of the biggest influences…They’re kinda like a math death metal band from Sweden…They’re genius musicians who write really genius music.”
  4. Graves also explained one remaining influence. “J Dilla is a well-known hip hop producer from the late 90s and 2000s. He’s a genius at production…[including] DJ skills and just knowing record archive and…how to put it together in the hip hop style.”

Watch Graves show off his J Dilla skills at 6:22:

Who would have guessed that the sounds of metal, hip hop, and classical fused with Urantian spirituality would generate a jazz genre fit for a Planetary Prince? Surely only Cameron himself! Plus, you’ll soon get the chance to hear his prog-rock prowess at Purdue on Thursday, September 26th in Loeb Playhouse.