Intern Profiles – Meet Kristen

Today we meet another one of our marketing interns, Kristen Day! She is a junior studying marketing with a minor in communication. Outside of Convos, she is an active member of Ad Liberation, an improv comedy troupe, and the Stand-Up Comedy Community at Purdue. She loves to make people laugh, make friends, cook, and try new restaurants.

What does a typical day on the job look like for you?

Totally depends! I’ve been working on a web-series for Convos, so often I’m editing, planning, or shooting. Other days I write blog posts and run errands alongside staff. There’s rarely a dull day in the office.

What is your favorite part of working for Convos?

I love the freedom I have to create, and supporting the performing arts in the process.

If you could bring any act to Purdue, who would you bring?

I would bring one of my favorite comedians like Mike Birbiglia, Josh Johnson, or Maria Bamford.

Which show from Convos in the past do you wish you could have attended?

I wish I could have attended the Post Secret show! I had tickets and then I got sick and couldn’t attend.

What is your favorite concert you have attended in your lifetime?

I saw Young the Giant in Indy at The Egyptian Room and they were absolutely incredible.

Have you ever met a famous person? If so, who?

I met Jason Alexander earlier this year! (He played George Costanza on Seinfeld.)

Which album is on repeat for you lately?

I have had Jordan Rekei’s album Wallflower in heavy rotation for the past month or so.

If you were a famous person, what would you be famous for?

Having a successful late night show!


If you had to pick a song that describes your life, what would it be?

“Video” by India Arie.

What’s your favorite broadway/theatre/musical?


What is your dream job following graduation?

My dream job is to do a million little things. I would love to teach and perform improv comedy, host a television show, and encourage people for a living.