Friends Friday: Patrick Harper

Welcome to Friends Friday! While we are all trying to “flatten the curve” we wanted to highlight different Friends of Convos. In case you’re not aware, Friends of Convos is an influential group of arts supporters who bring world-class performances to our community! Each year, they help bring performances to our community and subsidize tickets for seniors, Purdue students, and P-12 students.
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This week we’re highlighting Friend of Convos and Friends Advisory Board member Patrick Harper!

Introduce Yourself!
My name is Patrick Harper, and this is my first year serving on the Friends Advisory Board.   I have lived most of my life in the Lafayette, and I graduated from Purdue in 1997.  My wife Lena and I have two rescued Jack Russell Terriers and still live in the area. 

How did you become a Friend?
I was introduced to Convocations by my wife.  Lena and I joined Friends just after we were married.  As we dated, we took full advantage of the all the different programs Convos offers.   Seeing the how important Convos is to the community, we knew we wanted to help.  

What was your favorite show this season (or past) and why?
There have been many shows I would consider my “favorite,” but the one that stands out is Brother Brothers.  It was the last performance we attended before the Stay at Home order went into effect, so the last time we spent in a crowd.  Further, because it was held at the Wells center, it was a very warm concert with a great ambiance. 

What’s the first thing you’ll do after the quarantine is over?
Once we get past this, I am very much looking forward to live shows again.   Great performances are one thing, but I love watching the artists react to the crowd.   Whether it’s a smile at a band mate on stage, or questions posed to the crowd, I thoroughly enjoy watching people do something they love.