How do you see Convocations impacting the Purdue and greater Lafayette communities?
Convocations greatly enriches the community by bringing a broad spectrum of world-class entertainment for students and community members to enjoy. Since moving to West Lafayette 18 years ago, our family has attended countless Convocations and benefited from opportunities to experience the performing arts together. Convocations is one of our community’s greatest assets.

Why did you choose to support the Convos Education Research Initiative?
As parents, and professionals involved in supporting youth development (pediatrician and educator), we want to contribute to Convocations’ efforts to study the possible links between children’s exposure to the performing arts and educational achievement. We applaud Convocations for undertaking this important area of research.

What would you say to someone who is considering supporting Convocations?
Convocations contributes significantly to the cultural richness of our community. Every season it presents an exciting array of shows, from crowd favorites to one-of-a-kind performances. Convocations makes access to high quality entertainment both convenient and affordable for students and community members. Supporting Convocations is an investment in maintaining the vibrancy of Purdue and the local community.