Fast 4: Manual Cinema

Here are 4 things you need to know about Manual Cinema!

The show has been called “visually stunning” and “surprisingly touching”

In a recent review from, Manual Cinema’s Lula del Ray was praised for being “a piece of sheer craft,” that’s “almost unimaginably intricate while using old-fashioned technology; the projections are done with hand manipulation of cut-out paper and a set of multiple overhead projectors—old-school, seventies-transparency-style overhead projections—focused on the same screen.”

Lula del Ray started as a Residency project

Lula del Ray was developed at the University of Chicago in the Theater and Performance Studies Program where Manual Cinema served as Ensemble-in-Residence in the Summer and Fall of 2012. In 2013, the company also held residency and taught workshops at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago and The Future of Storytelling Conference, NYC.

Shadow puppetry in 3-D

Every frame of Lula del Ray is crafted to make the performance look like a movie. The sound design, puppets and props are all meant to draw you into the world that Manual Cinema has created for a truly unique viewing experience. Go behind the scenes with Manual Cinema here!

A small staff making big things happen

There are 5 company members behind Lula del Ray, 2 of which are puppeteers while the other 3 provide sound and vocals. 5 co-artistic directors and 1 production manager also work with the company members to bring the story of Lula to life in a visually stunning and simplistic way.

Don’t miss either performance of Lula del Ray from Manual Cinema at Elliott Hall of Music on Saturday, March 5th!

Manual Cinema / Saturday, March 5 / Elliott Hall of Music / 4:00 & 8:00 pm

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March 5 / 8:00 pm