Fast 4: Les Violons du Roy

Here are 4 quick facts to get you ready for Les Violons du Roy’s performance with Alexandre Tharaud this April!

What’s in a name?

Les Violons du Roy was founded as a volunteer ensemble in 1984 by Bernard Labadie and was composed of 15 graduating students of major music schools and other young professional musicians. The group performed its first concert under the name “Les Violons du Roy” after the renowned string orchestra that was present in the court of Louis XIV of France.

It’s an award-winning group

In 2015, the recording for “Karina Gauvin, Mozart, Opera and Concert Arias” was nominated for a JUNO award, Canada’s Music Award. The recording was nominated for the award for Classical Album of the Year: Vocal or Choral performance.

15 members strong

The orchestra consists of 15 members who play the viola, violin, cello, double bass, and harpsichord and organ. All of the members come together with their unique instruments and talents, recreating 17th and 18th century performance practices, to create a sound that is authentic to original performance traditions. You can learn more about each member, as well as the founding conductor Bernard Labadie, by following this link!

Canada loves them

Les Violons du Roy lies in the heart of the Québec City music scene and has been an important part of Montreal’s cultural sphere since 1997. Beginning in 2007, the orchestra has been in residence at the Palais Montcalm. Being native to Canada, the group has performed numerous concerts and has had a regular presence at music festivals.

Don’t miss Les Violons du Roy with Alexandre Tharaud at Loeb Playhouse on Saturday, April 16th!

Les Violons du Roy / Saturday, April 16 / Loeb Playhouse / 8:00 pm

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