Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice

By Jordan Howard, Marketing Intern

While hiding in her father’s study one day, Alice encounters a strange rabbit who loves to eat books. After chasing him into his hole, Alice discovers Wonderland—a world of strange creatures both friend and foe. Experience Alice in Wonderland with a unique new twist—set in a library full of pop-up books, where each new title unlocks a door to exciting adventure! Today, we are graced with an interview from Philomène Lévesque, who plays Alice in this whimsical production.

What is your acting background?
I graduated from theater school in 2006. Since I have the pleasure to work in many productions with several theatre companies. I regularly tour with youth theatre shows, which is amazing.

Were you familiar with the character of Alice prior to this show?
Yes – from my childhood! It’s a character I have always liked.

How did you prepare to play Alice?
When I got the part 10 years ago, the character was already created by another actress so I had to jump in her shoes. The challenge was to find my way to Alice and my liberty and color in a really precise staging. Alice is such a really spontaneous, great character so I had to connect my own energy as a child. It’s so fun to play!

This rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” features a library with pop-up books instead of a garden. What was your favorite book growing up?
One of my favorites was a bedtime story book with one story for every night.

Do you have a favorite book as an adult?
I really like the book Mr. Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran. it is a novel by the French writer Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Also, I just discovered a wonderful graphic novel called My First Dream in Japanese by Camille Royer.

What would Wonderland look like for you?
A few years ago I went to Japan, and I remember thinking this is wonderland! I was amazed by all the magnificent temples, the bamboo forest, the food, the city of Kyoto, and the sea.

What is one aspect about the show that people do not expect?
Probably some of the characters.

Which character from Alice in Wonderland is your favorite?
I really love The Mad Hatter. He is crazy, strange, and so funny!

In real life, who do you relate to the most from the show?
Probably Alice. She is as curious and sensitive as I am.

Describe the show from start to finish using five words.
Surprise, adventure, strangeness, perseverance, magic.

What is one way you are similar to Alice? What is one way you are completely opposite?
I think we are both curious and we like to discover new things, meet people, and we definitely have a good sense of humor! For the opposite, I am more shy than Alice.

Don’t miss out on all the fun! Alice in Wonderland is performing live at Loeb Playhouse. Join us Sunday, January 26, at 3PM. Tickets are $12-17.