Delivering Innovation / Discovery

Being persistent in the pursuit of innovation is the cornerstone of Convocations. We’re constantly looking for the next great artist and performance to present to the Purdue community. However, Convocations wouldn’t be able to succeed without the future-focused and expert campus partners that help us discover new and innovative performances.  

To celebrate our campus partners that assist in new discoveries, we are highlighting our partnerships over the next two weeks and sharing what they mean to Convocations. 

Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts

The Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts program at Purdue strives to introduce students to transformative texts that have influenced our understanding of the modern world and works to prepare students to communicate more effectively.  Focusing on providing a deep understanding of the dynamic human relationships and cultural dimensions that impact the disciplines of engineering, technology, science, medicine, business, and public policy, Cornerstone strives to better position students to respond to the changing demands of the world so they can rise to the top of their fields as the leaders of tomorrow.

Convocations has been developing an amazing working relationship with Cornerstone leadership in the College of Liberal Arts to incorporate specific performances on our seasons to help illuminate the discussions and learning happening in the classroom.  As this relationship has continued to evolve it has become clear that the faculty involved with Cornerstone are supportive of the curricular connection work we do at Convos and see the value that the performing arts can provide to enhance the classroom experience. 

Over the past couple of seasons, we have worked to incorporate performances such as Aquila Theatre’s Frankenstein, 1984 and The Odyssey, as well as Oxford Playhouse’s One Small Step, into the Cornerstone curriculum.  In the true spirit of collaboration, Cornerstone faculty have also curated and lead the pre-show discussions for many of these performances as well.  This collaboration has yielded great student engagement in the theatre and sparked insightful discourse in the classroom, both pre and post performances.

“One of most enriching relationships Cornerstone has developed is with Purdue Convocations. Our friends at Convos have gone out of their way to serve our students and bring the texts we teach — The Odyssey, Frankenstein and 1984 among others — alive.”
– Dr. Melinda Zook, Director of Cornerstone 

Vice Provost for Student Life

Convocations takes great pride in being a part of the Student Life Division at Purdue University.  Based on the support that the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life has shown our department, it is clear that our work is also valued within the division and by Student Life leadership.  Over the last couple of seasons, the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life has been extremely supportive and energetic about the curricular connection work we have been doing with Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts, Krannert School of Management, the Honors College and all our academic partners at Purdue.

“Creating opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom is a primary purpose of Student Life. Our support of 1984 helped to build these curricular bridges through a thought provoking production that’s message spans the ages.”
– Dr. Beth McCuskey, Vice Provost for Student Life