Convocations Voice Network Celebrates 30 Years

By James Britton, Marketing Associate and Convocations Voice Network advisor

(CVN) Convocations Voice Network

The Convocations Voice Network (CVN) was informally formed in the early 1980s as a means for students to market Purdue Convocations events outside of traditional flyer distribution on campus to residence halls, Greek houses, and co-ops. In those early days before social networks, the group consisted of 22 women and 12 men who staffed tables in Stewart Center and Purdue Memorial Union and passed along show information to their friends—who in turn passed it along to their friends—with the goal of reaching the entire campus.
CVN has since evolved from a marketing “street team”—complete with
a mascot named Artie the Culture Vulture—into an integral part of the experience for patrons of the arts.


Students dressed as Artie the Culture Vulture, 1985

According to Lois Harth, a Convocations staff member for over 36 years, it was a challenge to coax students into wearing the Artie costume.

“It was heavy and hot, and (CVNs) couldn’t see where they were going, so they always had to have another person go with them, to walk in front so Artie could see his or her feet. I remember serving as guide a few times.”

Formally recognized by the Office of the Dean of Students as a student organization in 1985, our 300+ student ushering club offers a top-notch patron experience not only at campus venues but around the community as we expand our reach into Greater Lafayette. With an active social media presence, innovative member management website, and 15 yellow-shirted executive board members, these students truly are the student “voice” of Purdue Convocations.

2015 CVN Club Callout

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 / 7 pm / Wetherill (WTHR) 200

CVN student ushers