6 Folksy Facts About The Brother Brothers

By Kristen Day – Marketing Intern

Who said you can’t mix work and family? For brothers Adam and David Moss, their musical partnership has resulted in the folk ensemble, The Brother Brothers. Their unique and harmonious stripped folk sound is a special one, and you’ll be able to catch them live at Purdue, playing multiple shows around campus on February 27th and 28th.  Until then, learn six folksy facts about the band:

  1. Think you’re seeing double? Brothers, Adam and David Moss are actually identical twins.
  2. The duo pulls inspiration from a variety of ensembles, including the Kingston Trio, the Everly Brothers, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys.
  3. For the Brother Brothers, West Lafayette, IN is close to home. They hail from Peoria, IL, but now live in Brooklyn, NY.
  4. You might have caught them touring with Lake Street Dive, Sarah Jarosz, or even I’m With Her, the all-female ensemble that performed at Purdue in 2018.
  5. Their debut full-length album titled Some People I Know, was released in 2018. Adam Moss notes, “…Every time [audiences] listen to it, I want them to find something new and in some way relate it to themselves.”
  6. Take a listen! The pair performed an intimate studio session with Audiotree in 2016. (David plays the guitar, and Adam plays the fiddle.)

Want to hear more of the Brother Brothers? Catch them live at Purdue on February 27th and 28th, as this year’s Outreach Artists-in-Residence, for several FREE performances!