5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cameron Graves

Hailed by Rolling Stone as “the house pianist for the party at the end of the universe,” Cameron Graves is revitalizing funk, jazz, soul and fusion with kaleidoscopic, kinetic energy. Get to know the visionary composer, keyboardist, and pianist below with these five fun facts!

  1. He is a founding member of the West Coast Get Down, a supergroup that blends jazz, hip-hop, rock, and classical music.
  2. Graves, Kamasi Washington, Ryan Porter, Stephen Bruner, and Ronald Bruner, Jr., all members of the West Coast Get Down, met and have been friends since high school.
  3. He prefers to write his songs in odd rhythms, especially in 7, which takes the music somewhere else and lets the cats build off of that.
  4. Graves studies the ancient Chinese martial art Xing Yi Chuan.
  5. Planetary Prince was inspired by The Urantia Book, a spiritual tome that emerged from Chicago in the first half of the 20th century and that purports to reveal the truth of humanity through a combination of spiritual and cosmological ideas, including radical retellings of familiar stories from the Bible.

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