5 Songs That’ll Make You Love Margo Price

By Kristen Day

Whether you’re a country die-hard, certified cowboy, or have only now ventured on the “Old Town Road”, it’s time you catch rising star, Margo Price. When she’s not busy recording honest, stripped-down country tracks, Margo’s performing on SNL, NPR’s TinyDesk, and The Tonight Show! You may not have heard of the Grammy nominee yet, but here are five defining tracks that’ll make you see what all the fuss is about.

#1 Just Like Love

This song is a perfect example of her honest, biographical lyrics. Margo’s writing paints portraits that are easy to miss when paired with her uptempo country sound.

#2 Tennessee Song

Who doesn’t love a good crossover? From the heavy drums to the rock-inspired vocals, Margo channels a blues-y rock sound that is best enjoyed at full volume with a car full of friends. Her range is fully on display, and we get a great song in the process.

#3 Hurtin’ (On the Bottle)

If you’ve heard any Margo Price song, chances are, it’s this one. Hurtin’ is all parts Margo. It combines biographical songwriting tucked inside rich twangy vocals and musicianship. Plus, you can watch her perform it on Saturday Night Live here.

#4 Pay Gap

For every part of Margo’s lyricism that is witty and sweet, there is a melancholic, politically inclined aspect too. Her views and past experiences translate into songwriting that is best displayed in this conversation-starting track about wage disparity across the gender divide.

#5 Learning to Lose (feat Willie Nelson)

And lastly, this duet track is emblematic of her traditional country roots. (It’s also one of her most popular on Spotify!) The song harkens back to a country sound that is quiet, powerful, and raw. And for this, Willie Nelson is the perfect duet partner. Together they serve up a slice of country music’s treasured olden days.

Not convinced? Listen to all five songs on our Spotify playlist!

And now that you’re in love, catch her on Thursday, September 19th in Loeb Playhouse!