5 Songs by Los Angeles Guitar Quartet for a Productive Week

We’ve all been there… It’s Wednesday at noon and your week is dragging on. You start scrolling through Spotify for something new and can’t find the right thing to get you going again. Sounds like you are in need of a new playlist from Purdue Convos!

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet consists of four men with a unique variety of eclectic guitar backgrounds. Songs feature musical roots of Latin, African, Far East, Indian, Folk and American Classics just to name a few. Listeners are taken on a multi-cultural journey. Scott Tennant, Matt Greif, John Dearman and Bill Kanengiser comprise together to bring you the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Check out the Grammy award-winning band’s 5 songs to pep you up this week. 

  1. Fiesta: 1. La Fiesta de la Tirana

Don’t we all need a little bit of a fiesta in the middle of the day? La Fiesta de la Tirana is Spanish for “The Feast of the Tyrant.” This song features fun, energetic flamenco vibes that will make you want to get up and dance. This song goes perfectly with your 3 PM coffee to get you awake and alert.

  1. The Yellow Cake Review, Farewell to Stromness (Excerpt)

Feeling a little anxious about all of your assignments and deadlines? This song is peaceful and will go perfectly in the background while you are reading your textbook, writing a paper, or researching. The synergy of chords and finger-picking on the guitars will leave you in awe of their work. Take some time to relax with this song! 

  1. African Suite “Mbira”

Feeling a little bit antsy from sitting at a desk or in class all day? Experience another variety of multi-cultural sounds in LAGQ’s catalogue. This song is the perfect combination of soft and energetic. Let this song take you on a mental vacation from your problems.

  1. The Pachelbel “Loose” Canon (After J. Pachelbel)

Is classical music your jam to get into the zone? This modern day guitar rendition of Canon in D is simply sweet and beautiful. The classical nature of the song will surprise you halfway through! It is a perfect song to listen to while working on your math equations.  

  1. Jácaras

Let this playlist turn your daily routine into an adventure! This song features a Spanish style of guitar with highly percussive beats. This song will take you from writing a paper to salsa dancing on an evening in Spain.

Ready for a multi-cultural experience in your ears? Check out this playlist!

Catch the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet at Loeb Playhouse September 29 at 3:00 PM. Grab your tickets today!