5 Fearless Facts About Neyla Pekarek

By Kristen Day

The old American southwest is filled with stories of heroism, bravery, and suspense. But how many of those stories do you know about women? Cellist and vocalist, Neyla Pekarek sought to settle the score in her latest album, Rattlesnake. Learn five more fearless facts about Neyla here:

  1. Neyla Pekarek left the Lumineers to start her solo career in 2018.
  2. Pekarek’s album, Rattlesnake, has some legendary origins. On October 28, 1925 a woman traveling with her young son in Greeley, Colorado came upon a pack of migrating rattlesnakes. She bravely killed over 100 of the snakes, fashioned a dress out of their skins, and was promptly nicknamed “Rattlesnake Kate”.
  3. She played the Grand Ol’ Opry earlier this year for the very first time as a soloist.
  4. Neyla loves musicals and is super inspired by Julie Andrews, among others.
  5. Ultimately, she hopes the album will inspire listeners to learn more about the women of the wild west and to be just as brave as Kate.

Ready to go on a musical journey too? Catch Neyla Pekarek restring songs from Rattlesnake in Loeb Playhouse at 7:30pm.