Women In Jazz? For Artemis, It’s Bigger Than A Cause

If the Avengers are the supergroup of the silver screen, then consider Artemis the super sextet of Jazz. The six powerhouse women that make up this group are world-renowned for their musical talents. Before you catch Artemis at Purdue on January 17th, hear their in-depth interview and performance with NPR’s Jazz Night in America from 2018.

Here are some highlights:

  • From vocalist Cecile McLorin-Salvant, “[I remember seeing a group of female students at the Newport Jazz Festival] I hope that Artemis will remind young women that they don’t have to adhere to what people expect of them.”
  • Clarinetist, Anat Cohen describes Artemis saying, “It’s hard to tame us. We’re a wild band with a lot of different ideas and you want to try to get one show that tells a story of everybody. It’s hard [because] you want to feature everybody…[the magic of Artemis and the magic of jazz] is that you bring musicians a piece of music they’ve never played before and…they figure out how to make magic out of it.”
  • Musical director and pianist, Renee Rosnes shared a final thought on Artemis. “I don’t think we’re there yet, where somebody would look at a group like Artemis and just think of it as a band without actually having to mention, ‘Oh, it’s an all-woman band,’ or ‘It’s an all-female band,'”.

Learn more about Jazz Night in America:

Can’t wait to see this talented bunch? Don’t miss your chance to catch Artemis on January 17th at Loeb Playhouse.