Welcome to the 2012-2013 season!

The next time you attend a performance, the lights will dim, and you will welcome an artist into your presence. I hope your anticipation is as great as mine. We’ve worked for well more than a year to connect you to that very performance and that very moment in time. The rest is up to you and the artist, as you—and all those around you—begin sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You have undoubtedly enjoyed invigorating performances in the past and you will be compelled to immerse yourself in future events. But each performance has the unique imprint of an artist, its own collection of ideas, the openness that you bring to the experience, and the exchange of energy owned wholly by the moment and those in it.

At Convocations, we thrive on creating these moments. And thanks to the members of the Friends of Convocations, our capacity to deliver them is greatly enhanced. Thanks for choosing to experience this live performance today and thanks for standing behind what we do.

Thanks to you, all of us can…

LIVE for the moment

Todd Wetzel
Director of Purdue Convocations