Student/Alumni of the Week: Kimmy Lauer

Name: Kimmy Lauer

Major: Organizational Communication (Class of 2010)

Greek/Club Affiliation: Former SCC Vice President, BGR

What Did the SCC Do For You?: SCC was one of my best experiences from college. We were entrusted with so much responsibility and essentially living our dream job at the age of 20. The kind of responsibility and experience you have with SCC isn’t easily found in the career world, but being part of the committee gave me a chance to show what I could do and really helped lead me to the job position I currently hold. Plus, I made great friends who were just as passionate about music as me.

What is Your Current Career?: I’m currently special events coordinator for Theater at the Center, a non for profit, equity performing arts theatre 20 minutes outside of Chicago. We produce 5 Broadway style shows a year plus various special events. I’m essentially the talent buyer for the theater, bringing in different musical and comedy acts. I handle a lot of the administrative side of it and am the contact between our team and the artists’ management for all special events.

Favorite Musician: The Punch Brothers & The Avett Brothers

What You’re Listening to Now: The “This is 40” Soundtrack, great tracks by Lindsey Buckingham, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Loudon Wainwright III, and Punch Brothers are featured on like 5 of the tracks.

Best Music Related Experience: Buying 90 Ibs of lunch meat for Lady Gaga…it’s a long story.

Most Embarrassing Musician That You Enjoy: People always make fun of me for being a Jimmy Buffet fan, but I was raised on him. Truth is, he’s a fantastic storyteller.

What is the Worst Concert You’ve Ever Been to?: 
DeathCab for Cutie…which don’t get me wrong, I love them, and they sounded okay, but the show was about a week before “Codes and Keys” was going to be released and they were trying out all this new material and had a lot of kinks to figure out. I was a little heartbroken that it was a drag of a show, but I did manage to get the set list.