Purdue Student of the Week

Starting Sunday January 20th the Student Concert Committee will feature a Purdue student on our blog. Each student selected will be named Student of the Week and will be given the opportunity to share their musical interests. The featured student will be asked a series of questions that are music related in order to highlight the diversity on Purdue’s campus. In doing so we hope to create discussion and excitement — a place in which students can passionately discuss their interests and be introduced to new artists, blogs, and more.

If you are interested in becoming the SCC’s first featured student of the week please choose 5 questions off the following questionnaire. Send all completed questionnaires with a photo of yourself to tchristo@dev-convocations.pantheonsite.io.

Basic information everyone must include —



Greek/Club Affiliation:

Choose 5 of the following questions —

Favorite Musician:

What You’re Listening to Now:

Best Music Related Experience: (This may include but is not limited to meeting artists, performing your own music, concert experiences, etc.)

Where Do You Go to Find Music: (Blogs, friends, TV programs, etc)

What Makes a Good Concert and Why:

Most Embarrassing Musician That You Enjoy:

Which Musicians Would You Pair Together to Make a Super Group:

What Song Bests Describes You:

What is the Worst Concert You’ve Ever Been to?:

What Was the Greatest Decade for Music and Why: