Fast 4: The Illusionists

Here are some magical facts about The Illusionists to get you ready for their performance on April 27.

They host “Magic Monday” on Youtube

Different members of The Illusionists demonstrate a different trick on Mondays on Youtube with “Magic Monday.” The tricks vary from using sleight of hand to manipulating playing cards. Check out the playlist of videos below!

They’ve been on “America’s Got Talent”

Last summer, The Illusionists were one of the guest performers on “America’s Got Talent.” They performed a few death-defying stunts during the first week of the Semifinal Rounds.

One of them is a “Britain’s Got Talent” alumnus

James More, a.k.a “The Deceptionist” is from London, England, and was a part of the 7th season of “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2013. He auditioned for the show and made it to the semifinal round. His audition involved him laying on top of a giant metal spike and has been viewed nearly 69 million times.

They perform a wide range of stunts

With The Illusionists, no two stunts or tricks are the same. The group performs utilize everything, including escapes, cards, dangerous weapons, deception, and manipulation and mystery. Each Illusionist has his own style and each offers something different and more daring than the last.

Don’t miss any of the stunts performed by The Illusionists at Elliott Hall of Music on Wednesday, April 27th!

The Illusionists / Wednesday, April 27 / Elliott Hall of Music / 7:30 pm

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