Drumroll Please — Nassim Cast Announcement!

When it comes to live theatre, there are always a few surprises. Purdue Convocations is excited to present Nassim, a show where each night poses its own unique set of surprises. What makes Nassim so special is that it features a different local performer each night performing a script that they have never even seen until that night!

In preparation for the show, we’re excited to finally announce the local performers who will be stepping into the world of Nassim during its Lafayette run. Stay tuned, as we’ll be sharing their bios and social media links throughout the week on our blog!

Tues, 11/19 7:30 PM — Jason Wallace
Wed, 11/20 7:30 PM — Julie Doan-Baumann
Thurs, 11/21 7:30 PM — Bryan Montemayor
Fri, 11/22 7:00 PM — Rachel Wallace
Sat, 11/23 4:00 PM — Kristie Schuh
Sat, 11/23 8:00 PM — Craig Martin

Don’t miss this awesome barrier-breaking show! See Nassim from November 19th through November 23rd at the Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette.