Experience the magic of Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries

Experience the magic of Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries

Get ready to experience the captivating and thrilling production of Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries, brought to you by the innovative Belfast-based theatre company, Cahoot. This show is a unique blend of math, theatre, and digital technology that is guaranteed to make math fun and interactive for audiences of all ages.

Danny Carmo’s journey to becoming a math-magician is inspiring. He was initially more interested in performing and the stage, but soon discovered the crucial role that math plays in achieving his goal of becoming a magician. Math became the key to unlocking the secrets of the trade and he learned that it is an essential ingredient in any successful magic show.

Designed with educational institutions in mind, Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries features key curriculum connections that are suitable for students in grades 3rd to 6th. It is an excellent family-friendly show that will entertain and educate audiences of all ages.

Cahoot is a well-established theatre company that specializes in magic and illusion. They have been producing groundbreaking work for children and families since 2001, and have toured extensively in Ireland, the UK, Asia, and America.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting show that combines education and entertainment, look no further than Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries.

Sunday, February 26
Loeb Playhouse