Join #PurdueConvos for Purdue Day of Giving!

Day of Giving Convos Globe

On Wednesday, April 29 the Purdue Community will band together for the 2nd annual Purdue Day of Giving. As a participating unit, Convocations has the chance to earn bonus money. Any gifts made on the day help us earn these bonuses, plus there are fun ones below… Take a peek and consider joining the fun! All bonus money earned on Wednesday will support our education programs, which make it affordable for students of all ages to experience world-class performing arts! Thanks for your support!

8 – 9 am
Make a gift to Convos of $10 or more… an amount that will send TWO elementary students to a matinee performance for free!
The unit with the most donations during this hour earns an extra $5,000.

9 – 10 am

Make an additional cash gift of $10 or more to help us win the faculty & staff bonus challenge of $7,000!

10 – 11 am
Tweet this hour! Be sure to include #PurdueDayofGiving and #PurdueConvos.
Prize: $1,500.

12:00 – 1:00 pm
Take a selfie and post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #PurdueConvos and #PurdueDayofGiving hashtags!
Prize: $1,500

1 – 2 pm
Your tweet could earn us $1,500! Don’t forget #PurdueConvos and #PurdueDayofGiving!

3 – 4 pm
Film and post an Instagram video of yourself singing the chorus of “Hail Purdue” – be sure to include #PurdueDayofGiving and #PurdueConvos.
Prize: $3,000

4 – 5 pm
Make a gift! Most donations this hour earns $5,000.
Prize: $5,000

6 – 7 pm
Keep tweeting!
Prize: $1,500

10 – 11 pm
The unit with the most donations from alumni donors this hour could win $4,000!