Delivering Innovation / Inclusion

Being persistent in the pursuit of innovation is the cornerstone of Convocations. We’re constantly looking for the next great artist and performance to present to the Purdue community. However, Convocations wouldn’t be able to succeed without the collaborative and open-minded campus partners that help us bring diverse performances to campus.

To celebrate our campus partners that assist in fostering an environment of inclusion, we are highlighting our partnerships and sharing what they mean to Convos. 

Black Cultural Center

The Black Cultural Center is a crucial element to student life, offering numerous programs and services for the campus community. They strive to foster diversity at Purdue through art, history, and cultural understanding of the African American community. Their presence is also felt throughout campus as sponsors of student performing arts ensembles in dance drama, choral music, and creative writing. 

During the 2019-20 season, Convocations partnered and benefited from the Black Cultural Center’s support on the West Lafayette Global Fest, Harlem 100, The Color Purple, and Walk On: The Story of Rosa Parks.  Convos has a long-standing partnership with the BCC. This partnership is vital, and Convos regularly communicates with the leadership team at the BCC in our attempt to serve a broad cultural audience through diverse, innovative, and important performances. We strive to present performances that align not only with our mission but with the BCC’s as well. Convos’ partnership with the BCC helps us reach and serve all facets of the Purdue student body, push our programmatic ways of thinking, and strive to remain inclusive and accessible to the Purdue community. 

Partnering with Convocations provides the Purdue Black Cultural Center an opportunity to stay true to our commitment to provide programs and initiatives that strengthen our community and celebrate Black culture. Our co-sponsorship of affirming and empowering productions such as The Color Purple and Walk On: The Story of Rosa Parks help Maximize Student Potential and exemplify the Steps to Leaps pillars of persistence/grit and impact. – Renee Thomas, Director of the Black Cultural Center

Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center

The Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center is cultural key to student life at Purdue. Their mission is to provide dynamic educational resources for the Purdue community and in Greater Lafayette. The AAARCC is a source of education, integration, and support on campus, and they strive to preserve, advance, and connect the rich diversity at Purdue.

The AAARCC partnered with Convos during the 2019-20 season, benefiting and supporting the 24th Annual Global Fest and Guangdong Modern Dance Company’s Beyond Calligraphy. Convos has a well-established partnership with the AAARCC and are extremely grateful for their support.  Without the support of campus organizations like the AAARCC, very special projects like the engagement with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company would not have been possible. As the self-titled cultural warriors on campus, Convos strives to regularly support and communicate with the AAARCC and other cultural warriors on campus to ensure that culturally diverse and artistically important performances are present on campus.

Purdue Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center (AAARCC) partnered with Purdue Convocations in bringing the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, what became known as China’s first modern-day ensemble, to perform Beyond Calligraphy at our campus in February 2020. This partnership allowed us to participate in an inclusion effort of a stellar, international performative work with meanings that are important for the Asian and Asian American communities.

The collaboration gave us the privilege to witness an unforgettable two-part performance to reflect on the physicality and social history of calligraphy through rhythm, anticipation, and meditation. Purdue Convocations extended to us the opportunity to enjoy a post-show event where we could meet the performers and appreciate them in person for a generous performance.

Partnering with Purdue Convocations lends us the opportunity to voice the rich diversity of Purdue campus community. It is our hope that such inclusion will lead to further dialogues and collaborations. It is our hope that further dialogues/collaborations will affirm the excellence that comes when people from different backgrounds value each other with respect and work together to make our communities a better place. – Dr. Pamela K. Sari, Director of the Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center